At Metaplastic, we specialize in a myriad of decorative and engineering parts of all metals, Engineering Plastic and even Wood.

To achieve optimal and long-lasting durability and quality we mainly use Grade 304 and Grade 316 Stainless Steel for our products.

Metaplastic Ltd produces:

  • Kitchen Parts & Equipment such as Tables, Sinks, Shelves, Cooker Hoods, Grills, Plantia..
  • Medical Equipment, Furniture & Specific Parts such as Patient Trolleys, Shelves, Special Racks and so on.
  • Building/Infrastructures Parts & Equipment such as Railings, Decorative Parts, Special Features, Innovative concepts.

Household Dimension offers a galaxy of Decorative and personalized Products from:

  • Toilet to Kitchen;
  • Dinner Room to Living Room

All with transitional and sustainable touch.

Repairs and Equipment involve:

Shaft, Gears, Sprocket, Bushes, Pulleys and Fittings manufactured using Stainless Steel, Custom Steel, Bronze, Brass, Aluminium, Hard Steel; in addition, Engineering Plastic Derivatives such as Nylon Polyacetal, Vesconite, HDPE, UHMWPE and Polyurethane and even specific machineries.

We Create, Produce from Scratch to Finish

Metaplastic is always on the move to design and produce everyday life products. These can range from smaller Stainless-Steel parts & accessories like: Bolts & Nuts, Doorknobs, Decorative balls and fittings, Cutlery items, Frames, Sanitizer holders, etc.

Our portfolio also includes larger products like:

  • Airport Luggage Conveyors,

  • CNC cut-out Steel gates,

  • Bus-Shelters,

  • Stainless Steel Handrails for Staircases,

  • Stainless Steel balustrades,

  • Stainless Steel ladders,

  • Handrails for swimming pools,

  • Commercial Furniture like Stainless-Steel Tables, Stools, Chairs,

  • Household furniture like Kitchen and Bathroom

  • Other stand-alone Decorative items

Metaplastic Ltd Privileges Eco-Friendly Processes

We think, advise, and produce whilst privileging the ecological approach. In fact, Metaplastic Ltd can output high-quality finished, all-sized products from scratch to final product, from prime raw material sourcing, from sheets, tubes, pipes, angle-bars, U-Bars, or from any type of material conditioning, via its transformation through professional and high-precision machining processes, like cutting, bending, welding, and lathing. Ever since the drawing board, our production streamline is thought to be optimally ecological.
We produce no wastewater, no pollution except for metal scraps that can be used for repairs, rebuilds, re-use and recycling.

Metaplastic has its eyes locked onto the future…

With the aim of becoming a unique one-stop-shop for products and parts in stainless steel, metallic, plastic or nylon. To achieve this objective, we will keep:
Investing in newer laser machines like:
  • Sheet Benders,
  • High-pressure Guillotines,
  • Pipe-Bending Machines

On a more strategic plane we will keep on:
  • Sourcing of raw materials straight from production markets
  • Strengthening contacts and collaboration with companies in the region and further abroad.